The storylines keep rolling into December. Don’t look now, but the Seahawks are riding a three game winning streak and look like a force to be reckoned with down the stretch.

Oregon State hoops played well on Saturday and easily disposed of a team that they are better than. That was refreshing.

The Blazers are officially in a free fall. It’s still so early in the season, but they are digging a significant hole at this point.

The Mariners continue to blow things up. It’s what this franchise needs, to buck the trend of eternal mediocrity. Edwin Diaz and Robinson Cano seem to be headed to New York (no, not that team) to play for the Mets. The Mariners get some delicious prospects in return.

Here are the notes from the Seahawks game as my thoughts were brief on the other teams:


  • On November 11th after another heart breaking loss to the rams, I tweeted that the Seahawks were about to go on a big run. I thought 10-6 was achievable. That might have been laughable to some at 4-5, but at 7-5 it now seems more likely than not. It could be all but a lock if they beat the Viking next Monday.
  • The offense was incredibly efficient. Russell Wilson threw four touchdowns on like 12 completions. Richard Sherman chose to look at his low yardage postgame… shocker.
  • This game was no doubter from the beginning. The Niners aren’t good. But even so, it was nice to see the Seahawks dominate a team and control a game for 60 minutes.
  • The running game continues to excite. The one-two punch of Chris Carson and Rashaad Penny is only getting better. Hopefully Carson’s ginger isn’t too mangled.
  • Speaking of injuries, let’s hope that DJ Fluker can get back from his pulled hamstring in time for a possible postseason run if not a little sooner.
  • This receiving corps has really come together nicely. Each player seems to step up at different times and the chemistry with Russell is on point. For example, Jaron Brown has had a pretty quiet season and then he goes out and snags two touchdowns on Sunday.
  • The one point of concern is the defense giving up a ton of yards. However, if they can force turnovers at opportune times as they did Sunday, they can be good enough to get by. Bobby Wagner is keeping that unit afloat. What a game and what a season Bobby has had. 54 is an all-time great and I love watching him play.
  • This team is rolling and with a win on Monday Night they could become scary really fast.

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