Thanksgiving Weekend Rewind

As usual there is a lot to talk about after a weekend chalk full of Northwest sporting events. There was good (Seahawks), bad (Blazers and OSU Basketball) and down right ugly (Civil War Football).

Oregon State Football:

  • For the second straight year Oregon State got boat raced by Oregon.
  • The game could’ve been much closer and that’s plain fact. OSU was inside Oregon’s 35 like 5 times and scored just 15 points. That was killer.
  • This program won’t change until the defense does. So. Many. Missed. Tackles.
  • Giving up darn near 50 points and 300 yards rushing per game is absurd. What a painful experience 2018 was.
  • Offense made too many mistakes.
  • Aaron “Pringles “Feld is the perfect strength coach for Oregon. He has the most punchable face in the world. Using your strength coach as a flashy recruiting tool, is the weirdest, most Oregon thing ever. He looked like a wet house cat in that pouring rain.
  • Jermar Jefferson couldn’t get going, but what season he had. Can’t wait to see him the next two years.
  • The game was awful, so let’s move on to the future.
  • Reinforcements are coming and they are desperately needed. Four former highly touted recruits have transferred in. And all will probably compete for starting jobs.
  • This team is super young and a lot of promising young guys got a ton of reps this year.
  • Jake Luton could get a medical red shirt and come back for another year which would be huge. If he does come back, he will have to battle transfer Tristian Gebbia. Conor Blount announced on twitter that he will be transferring, which is kind of a bummer. He was a tough kid and played hard.
  • I think this team can win six games if the defense can hold opponents to under 200 yards rushing and 35 points consistently. Dead serious. Things would be drastically different if they were even just a regular, below average defense. It’s this being the worst defense in program history that gets them in trouble.


  • Shut up, Cam!!! I love watching Newton lose. Every single first down run is unbearable. But he’s dynamic and that offense is tough to stop.
  • Seahawks/Panthers has been a pretty fun little mini rivalry over the years. By the way, the Seahawks OWN that rivalry.
  • Russell Wilson was surgical! The throws he made in the fourth quarter were beautiful in every way.
  • Chris Carson’s flip was one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen on a football field.
  • How did the Seahawks force five fumbles and couldn’t find a way to recover one? I’ve never seen anything like that before.
  • People had this team buried before the season even started. So many “experts” had them between 4 and 6 wins. They would have to lose out for that to happen.
  • That was a massive win. I had the Carolina game as the last loss for the Seahawks this season. So for them to snatch that one on the road is huge. 10-6 is well within reach and 11-5 isn’t out of the question. This team reminds me of that 2012 squad in so many ways.
  • Up next, Richard Sherman and the Niners. I hope Russell throws for 8 TD’s.


  • This turned into an ugly little stretch.
  • An awful 40 point loss to the Bucks was cringe worthy.
  • Followed that up with a tough one against the Clippers.
  • It’s a long season, but the Blazers aren’t a team that has the luxury of losing focus for a week at any point in the season.
  • The West is wide open (other than the Warriors) as I’ve been preaching throughout this young season. No reason to panic, the Blazers just need to get back to stacking up wins.

Oregon State Basketball:

  • The Beavers are 5-1.
  • Perhaps the worst 5-1 team I’ve ever seen. I’m not taking a cheap shot, that’s just the truth.
  • Oregon State is barely scraping by opponents who have been stomped by good competition. The latest example being a two point win over Long Beach State, a team that lost to Arizona State by 32. 32!!!
  • The Beavers have to get a lot better before conference play if they want to be relevant come late February.
  • But hey, the Ducks lost to Texas Southern at home, 5 star recruit and all!
  • Go Beavs!

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