By Andy / PNW

The Beavs officially finished fall camp this afternoon as the team took the field for a final scrimmage at Bend’s Summit High School.

I saw a lot of positives and a few reasons for concern. Here are some quick notes and updates as to where things stand.

  • Luton probably played the best of the QBs again. I would still like to see more consistency from this group overall, but he should get the nod week one. Wouldn’t be surprised to see Blount get snaps and possibly Colletto at some point.
  • Tight End is going to be interesting. Noah Togiai went down with an apparent knee injury. Hopefully it’s not too serious. Isaiah Smalls and Teagan “Quentin Tarantino” Quitoriano were somewhat invisible. But that isn’t a slight, I have high hopes for both of those guys, but they are only freshman. Growing pains are expected.
  • Artavis Pierce looks good. That’s a pretty big “duh”. He didn’t get too many carries as I imagine they are probably trying to keep his legs fresh. He had a few nice runs early. Freshman, Jemar Jefferson continues to run well. He is firmly the number two back until Calvin Tyler JR. returns. Christian Wallace is an athletic freak as we all know, but I don’t know if the mental side is going to click for him. If it does, look out. I also like what I saw from the youngster, Kase Rogers.
  • Too many drops from the starting receivers. I was disappointed by that. Still a very strong group overall that I have high expectations for. Jesiah Irish, Tino Allen, Champ Flemmings and Kolby Taylor all look like they can step up if called upon. I like the depth there.
  • The O line looked ok. Some good push and even on “sacks” the QB had 3+seconds so it wasn’t really their fault. I think this line can be sneaky good.
  • Connor Blount was up and down. Should’ve had a TD but unfortunately Trevon Bradford couldn’t quite haul it in. Jack Colletto has good legs and is improving. Every QB behind those three is light years away from starting.
  • D line played decent considering the depth concerns. The guys out there were gritty. For a freshman, Isaac Hodgins was holding his own and of Course Kalani Vakameilalo is a stud. Elu could be a big boost if he is able to get his weight down a little. Good player, but his fitness has held him back.
  • The linebackers were super active and flying all over the field. This is crucial to the style of play DC, Tim Tibesar is after. So that was a good sign.
  • There was some choppy secondary play, but that was expected with depleted depth.
  • Seeing Morris and Jeromy Reichner in boots makes me depressed. But hopefully they can get back sooner than later.
  • Kee Whetzel and Hamilcar Rashed were looking good. Pads were popping. Kee is so rangy. Shemar wasn’t bad either. And Hughes Murray wants to kill people. He was very animated when they stopped the offense on 4 downs. Fun stuff. Again, this is what Coach Bray and Tibesar are looking for.
  • My tweet about Jordan Choukair barely sneaking in a field goal was a little harsh. He JUST made the first one, but drilled every kick in the scrimmage. I think he can be a real weapon.
  • Punting is still a concern. Hopefully that continues to improve.
  • I like Bradford, Irish and Champ as returner options.
  • Things were pretty clean and smooth overall which was refreshing. A couple of miscues, but overall players seemed to be playing full speed and with confidence.
  • I cannot wait for September 1st. Not saying they are going to pull the upset of the century, but I’m excited to see how this team looks in real life. I believe they are going to play smart and with passion. That’s all any Beaver fan wants at this point.

Go Beavs!

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