Notes from Omaha: Day 4

Hogs in two?

What in the world just happened? That was the most incredible sequence of events I’ve ever witnessed in a baseball game. And it was all right in front of Con and I. Wow!

  • Today the Lord led us out of the desert and away from the clutches of our enemies. We checked out of that dump in Council Bluffs and checked into a life saving oasis in Omaha.
  • The day was full of good omens. The hotel, was only the beginning. We went back to a place called Upstream. It was delicious the first night we were here, so we figured we’d try it for lunch. Saw a few members of the Casey family, met a great beaver fan that chatted us up for a bit, took a ride with an unstable Lyft driver (but she kept saying how much she hated Arkansas, so that was fine.) It was just good vibes all around. We also got a spot in the shade for the ticket line. There was something in the air.
  • “Hogs in two”. Heard that one on repeat today. Listened to a lot of fans making celebration plans.
  • We switched it up and went to right field today. It was a great choice.
  • Fans were a little more tolerable tonight, but still a lot of annoying people. One guy behind us brought up Luke again (real original) I told him what I thought about that. He actually wanted to fight me and I gave him an open invitation. Oddly enough nothing happened. So sick of jokers that think they can just say whatever disgusting remarks they want with no consequence.
  • Another frustrating game. The Beavs continued to be their own worst enemy. I believe we counted three times that the Beavers had someone on third with one out or less and something catastrophic happened resulting in no runs.
  • Another gem from the bullpen. Eisert held down the fort in a phenomenal 5 inning, 7 strikeout affair. The bullpen has saved this team during throughout their stay in Omaha.
  • Things looked pretty scary right up until the Beavs were down to their final strike.
  • Grenier had a 2-2 count with a runner on third and two outs. He popped up the pitch in foul territory down the first base line, three Razorbacks moved in for the title clinching out…
  • Thud. The ball fell harmlessly to the ground. The Beavers had new life.
  • Grenier drove in the tying run with a single up the middle. We lost our minds. A brand new ballgame.
  • Then, Trevor Larnach crushed a ball to the right field bullpen and mayhem ensued.
  • The home run happened right in front of us and we lost our minds once more.
  • And a hush fell over the once incredible Arkansas crowd. Shoutout to Chris Herb.
  • Then Mullholland slammed the door in the 9th to finish it off.
  • The Beavs live to play another day. Game three is happening!
  • Arkansas fans went dark following the game. That crowd goes from arrogant to hopeless in about the time it took for Larnach’s home run to clear the fence.
  • So… Hogs in two?
  • Go Beavs!

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