Day three was an interesting one to say the least. The main story is that the Beavers didn’t play very good ball and as a consequence are down 0-1 in the series. However, the good news is this club plays well when things are bleak. After all, that’s how they got to this point.

Let’s dive in:

  • We left the hotel around noon to get some much needed air and kill time before we got in line for admission. The place we went was a sports bar that was out of wings. Not good.
  • As you can see above, Connor said no to sunscreen and yes to the worst scorching of his life.
  • From there we walked to stand in line. There were far more people today. Instead of being in the first 150, we were probably 1,000 people deep. But being as resourceful as we are, we still managed to get to our spot above the left field bullpen.
  • Some Arkansas fans tried to say they had the entire row reserved. We told them what we thought of that and sat down anyway. Apparently they don’t understand how general admission works.
  • Then we proceeded to watch that entire row of hogs fans embarrass themselves for the next 9 innings.
  • They say that SEC sports fans are the most passionate. I have to disagree there. They are just the most unhealthy. We knew more about Arkansas through research than half of the fans we talked to. And they were semi surprised we knew every player on our roster.
  • One intoxicated woo boy was particularly annoying as he thought he was hilarious yelling a Nobach in left. The problem was nobody knew who “Kall” was. That southern accent just wouldn’t allow him to pronounce Kyle. So that was fun.
  • There were a lot of fans using the word “boy” when yelling down at the Beaver bullpen. And let me tell you, it definitely carries some creepy, racially charged undertones from the past with it. It doesn’t matter who your talking to or how you use it, when you stay stuff like, “we’re coming for you, boy!” It sounds pretty weird.
  • The stadium was silent when the Beavs took a 1-0 lead. Razorback fans are easily rattled.
  • To the contrary, they could not figure out why Con and I were laughing and joking the whole time even down 4-1. As usual we had the most fun at the park. Again, SEC fans aren’t as hard core as they’d like you to believe. One dude left in the 7th to beat traffic.
  • To the game. Luke was dealing for 4 innings and we really thought this would be the game he put it all together. Unfortunately he ended up losing command again and that hurt us.
  • Christian Chamberlin was lights out in relief. I love watching that kid pitch. He doesn’t flinch even when he’s up against in. He kept the Beavs within striking distance with a jaw dropping, 11 strikeouts. Glad we get to watch him for two more years.
  • The bats were actually pretty lively, they just couldn’t get runs across. Only coming up with 1 run on 9 hits is really what did the Beavs in tonight. However, not all of that was within their control. That interference call with Adley at second base was an absolute joke. The biggest disgrace of that was the fact that Larnach, who scored on the play had to go back to third. They were trying to turn two, so he would have made it home even if there wasn’t “interference.” So a run came off of the board there. Then when Grenier hit a ball down the line it was initially ruled foul. Kwan was on first and would’ve came around to score and Grenier would’ve been at second easily, if not third. Another run off of the board. That was pretty frustrating.
  • That was kind of the extent of what happened in the game. Tough loss but far from over
  • Arkansas fans were shocked when the NCAA didn’t hand them the championship trophy post game. They are so confident they are going to sweep. Looking forward to the Beavs taking the next two and ripping their hearts out.
  • Praise the Lord, we only booked this Saw themed hotel through Wednesday. Tomorrow we get to move to a place that promises to be nicer. How could it be any worse?
  • Oregon State has its back up against the wall. But it seems like that’s where this team is most comfortable.
  • Tomorrow is a new day.
  • We are working on finding a translator for tomorrow’s game. Other than pig sooie and swear words, we have no idea what is coming out of their mouths. The dialogue out here makes Last Chance U seem like it was shot on Harvard’s campus.
  • Despite the result, we had an incredible time at the park tonight. Awesome atmosphere and perfect weather. Baseball doesn’t get much better than this.
  • We give them a hard time and there are some real scum bags out here, but I should note there are also plenty of nice Arkansas fans. Both days in the ticket line, we’ve met some great people. For whatever reason, once inside, we haven’t had the privilege of sitting by any. Instead we had a guy who told me how bad our reliever was (Chamberlin). I pointed out that he actually had 11 strikeouts and he seemed to accept that as a valid argument.
  • So tomorrow, let’s hope we get to sit by some good fans in red. Or maybe not? Winning two straight might be more entertaining that way.
  • Time for bed and one more night of trying not to have nightmares about what has taken place in this room.

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