By Andy / PNW Sports

What seemed like a tall order a week ago is now reality. After dropping its first game of the College World Series to North Carolina, Oregon State fought back to win four consecutive elimination games and earn a spot in the championship series against Arkansas.

With an appearance in the National Championship secured, we decided it was time for our rag tag crew to make the long dreamed of pilgrimage to Omaha. Over the course of the next few days we’ll be sharing our experiences and thoughts with you as we take in Omaha live and in person for the first time. Hopefully this provides some insight/entertainment to you. If nothing else, it will serve as a way for us to document the trip.

Now that we’ve given you a fair explanation, here are some notes from day 1:

  • We all watched last night’s clinching game together at our friend Bobby’s house in Newberg. Of course, due to the magnitude of the game we grilled our customary brats with beer and onions (delicious).
  • The last inning was tense. I’d like to say I was calm, but that just isn’t the truth. I was doubled over on the floor with my thumb hovering above the “book it” button for our hotel.
  • Luckily Mully was able to put the game to bed and the celebration ensued.
  • Victory S’mores Blizzard at DQ? No brainer.
  • Started to think about Arkansas. Tough team. 47-19 is a real record. Great lineup, strong pitching, but not invincible. Also, 53-11 isn’t bad…
  • Con and I got three hours of sleep as we stayed up late planning and had to be at the airport at 4:30.
  • Our good friend, Ryan Kinnaman stepped up big time and drove us to PDX. Blessings to him and his family.
  • Going through security I put my boarding pass in the bin with my phone. I came out on the other side, my boarding pass did not. What in the world was that all about? I got a new one printed, but seriously… who took it?
  • Wheels up at 6am and thanks to Con’s broken foot, we got to board early.
  • Omaha, you elusive beauty; we finally found you.
  • Got a Lyft from the airport and the guy was in a sweet Tacoma. That was an exciting change up from the customary Prius.
  • We went and walked around TD Ameritrade and it’s a sight to behold. Such a cool stadium and the whole area around it is set up like a carnival.
  • Went to grab some food from Blatt Beer and Table. They had Freshed Squeezed from Deschutes on tap (of course they did).
  • The Beaver bus was in front of the stadium when we walked by and we snuck a few glimpses of bp. Apparently a water balloon fight broke out.
  • Checked in to our cheap hotel. Let’s just say we got what we paid for. I would guess no fewer than five serious crimes have been committed here. And as I type, I’m trying to keep my wandering eye from looking at the apparent blood stain on the carpet. But hey, we are on a budget and the reviews on it were decent.
  • Going to do a little more exploring tonight and then rest up for a big day.
  • This series is going to be fun. Two stacked teams battling it out for all the marbles. The atmosphere will be electric.
  • I’m interested to see what our interactions with Razorback fans will be like.
  • I think we’ll have bacon for breakfast.

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