By Con/PNW Sports Fans

First look roster:

1. Austin Hudson (safety transfer) has 2 years eligibility. Was supposed to be grad transfer. Gary always comes through with the little things.

2. BJ Baylor running back looks big. Looks like he has body to compete right away but with OSU plethora of running backs will probably redshirt

3. Calvin Tyler. He is 5'8" 192. Running back that is already thicker than Storm Woods senior year. Gary keep this going.

4. Jeffrey Manning was going to play CB. Now playing at Safety. I like it.

5. Ricky Liuchan is now 6'1" and 264… That is a big man. Now listed at DE. Came in as a semi hyped outside linebacker from Riley. Been buried on depth chart sense.

6. Isaac Garcia now on roster. He was a 4 star. Original USC commit. Defensive end that could be long term star. With Gary publicly calling out defensive line, look for Garcia to get some early looks in camp.

7. Onesiumus Clark from Hawaii looks big but not overweight. He is a true frosh. 6'4" 340… college ready body that again could get reps if injuries take toll on starters.

8. Adley Rutschman no longer our kicking specialist. This makes us hear at PNW sad. We loved Adleys intensity and incredible leg on kickoffs and onside kick ability.

9. We are going back to Mitch Siingler days with about 5 walk on scrub receivers who are going to get cracked over the middle. How hard is it to get athletes at receiver? With our young guns in the mix, I expect this number to dwindle.

10. On the same note, this has not been talked about but Timmy Hernandez got hurt significantly in spring. I have not heard one mention of him by anybody all pre season. I'm worried. Something to keep an eye on.

Overall, no major surprises. This is Gary's bread and butter that he consistently gets most of his recruits in school and on track. Doesn't let many slip through the cracks.

Go Beavs. 34-24

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