By Andy / PNW Sports Fans

I know most Beaver fans, including myself believed the baseball team would have a great season in 2017. The combination of immense talent, incredible coaching, and the bitter taste of 2016 made a strong season almost a forgone conclusion.

But nobody saw this coming. Nobody could have predicted the team would be heading into memorial weekend with a 45-4 record, having already clinched a Pac-12 title nearly two weeks ago. The Beavs haven’t dropped a series since last season and went 27-3 in the Pac 12.

What’s transpired this season is downright insane. The fact that Oregon State has lost just four games the entire year is other worldly. The 23 game winning streak was wild enough, but at this point it seems puzzling that the Beavers have dropped any games this season. In fact, the team is currently riding a twelve game winning streak headed into the final weekend of regular season play.

We’ve seen some incredible teams grace the diamond at Coleman Field over the years, but this current team seems to have something a little extra special. They’ve won a ton of close games, and they’ve also dominated games. They’ve won with outstanding pitching, but they’ve also shown they can put up plenty of runs. There have been walk-offs and run aways, pitching duels and high scoring affairs, defensive clinics and offensive showcases. Through it all the Beavers have proven they are a team of championship pedigree. This team simply refuses to accept defeat and it’s that very trait that could take them to Omaha.

No, I’m not crowning them prematurely. In fact I’ll come right out and say if this team fails to make the College World Series it will certainly feel like a disappointment and a lost opportunity. This program knows the sting of falling short of big aspirations. Losing the regional as the top overall seed in 2014 was a tough pill to swallow. So again the purpose of this isn’t to anoint a team long before its goals are realized, but rather admire what they’ve accomplished over the course of a historic regular season.

I mean you’ve got to stop and at least appreciate the fact that the team has a collective 1.87 ERA. That shouldn’t even be possible. It’s been an incredible ride thus far and it should get more fun with every pitch going forward. No matter what happens this weekend with a less than stellar Abilene Christian team (13-39/3-27) the Beavers are all but guaranteed the top overall seed and a route to Omaha that will run through Corvallis. We’ve still got a long way to go before we can start reminiscing about how truly special this season has been, but until then I’m going to appreciate and enjoy what has been a historically dominant rampage through the regular season.

In case you aren’t enjoying this enough please refer to what I wrote a year ago and be thankful for where the team is at now.

Man it’s fun to have a program like this.

Go Beavs!


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