By Braught / PNW Sports Fans

Stop me if you have heard this before, Mariners’ starting pitching does enough for the win but the offense doesn’t come through. Yeah, that seems like every year since Felix was called up. Yet again, that is what has mostly occurred in the first 8 games.

The Mariner’s starting staff had a 2.5 ERA prior to Paxton great performance yesterday. Their WHIP is 1.17. The only concerning thing that has stood out about the starting rotation is the 9 HR’s they have given up over 46 innings pitched. But we all know the most important thing for this starting staff is health. Drew Smyly is on the 60 day DL after his brilliant showing in the WBC. Iwakuma is 36 and Felix is 30 now. Both are going to have to pitch to contact this year. Felix has already flirted with DL with his groin.

Meanwhile, the relievers have been a different story. They have thrown 25 innings and have given up 19 earned runs. Don’t even get me started on the bottom of the 9th 6 run lead they had against LAA. But in their defense, many of them should not even be in the show. Casey Fien? Really?! When Jerry brought him over he was supposed to be insurance if our bullpen all gets injured and that is exactly what happened.

First you have Steve Cishek who is still recovering from his hip labrum surgery. Then you have Tony Zych who is also on the 10 day DL. And then the Mariners have both the young guys who would probably be in the bullpen before Casey Fien. Those guys Robert Whalen and Shae Simmons are also both on the 10 day DL. Bullpen help is on the way and should stabilize the roller coaster they have put us on these first few games.

A bright light in the bullpen has been Dan Altavilla. In the limited innings I have been able to watch, he has some killer stuff. Upper 90’s fastball with a low 90’s slider! In 5 innings pitched he has 8 strike outs. That’s what you want to see coming out of your bullpen.

Now the offense; with RISP, this team has been abysmal. Cruz is batting .170 with 11 SO. Martin is batting .107 with 10 SO. The only guy over .300, is now on the 10 day DL, Segura. This offense is not going to continue. It is too good and too deep to.

Compare this team to last years team and you will find a much more athletic, more disciplined, deeper team. The only real contributor they lost is Walker and they won 86 games last year. I find it hard to believe that this team cannot match last years win total if they do not have crippling injuries. Remember even the cubs had a 1-6 stretch last year, unfortunately for the Mariners, it happened in September, not June. That’s the difference in the microscope put on them.

SoDo MoJo!

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