One of our sources have told us that Rob Mullins was going to announce the hiring of Dan Mullen from Mississippi State tonight but is now holding off because Chip Kelly is reconsidering. Dan Mullen has spent the past 8 seasons at Mississippi State accruing a record of 60-42. He was the SEC coach of the year in 2014 when the bulldogs went 10-3 and lost in the Orange Bowl. Obviously anyone here knows about Chip Kelly and his ungodly 44-5 record at Oregon where he introduced college football to the blur offense. Chip returning is the dream scenario for the all Duck fans and the only name that has been tied to the job that puts fear in eyes of the Pac 12.

Our source has been good to us in the past, having correctly told us about the Pellum demotion, the Hoke hiring and the Helfrich hiring before any media member had reported. We have no reason to discredit this one.

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