God Bless Pat


Photo Courtesy Brent Drinkut Statesman Journal

By Andy / PNW Sports Fans

It appears as if the Oregon State baseball season ended on a good note after all. You might ask yourself, “how can you possibly say that after the article you wrote a few weeks ago, Andy?” The answer is simple friends. Pat is staying.

For those who don’t know, Coach Casey was offered the head coaching gig at The University Texas last week. My guess is the offer was nothing to scoff at. I’m sure he was promised just about everything. I imagine it included a cool Mil salary, a vacation home in the Bahamas, a seventy oz steak paired with a glass of scotch for every meal and a $100,000 Ford F-650 (yes those are real) with big A** authentic long horns mounted on the grill.  I’m sure the list goes on, but those are some of the perks I would expect Texas to offer a fine coach like Casey.

But as I mentioned, Casey isn’t going anywhere. He’s staying put in Corvallis.  And since I started down the road of fantasizing, I might as well add that I would like to believe that while the two sides were meeting, they were all smoking giant cigars and when Casey got up to leave he put his out on the forehead of the Texas Athletic Director to let him know his decision. Anyways, Casey turned down a school that has great tradition and a lot of resources to offer in favor of remaining with the program he built in to a champion. Now let’s all celebrate with a deep sigh of relief

All that to say, I’m not really surprised that coach Casey decided to stay at Oregon State. He is a native Oregonian who is deeply rooted in this region by both family and success. His fingerprints are all over the baseball program, school, city, and state. Thats something to be proud of. He’s been a constant the last 22 years at OSU. A  stretch that has seen many other coaches come and go. Casey has been the symbol of stability for a fan base that’s waded through many shaky stretches. It’s not just that he’s stuck around a while either. He has built a powerhouse baseball program in the state of Oregon. He hasn’t just coached for two plus decades, he’s won! Again and again and again and again. Or in the words of Marshawn Lynch, “over and over and over and over”.

This isn’t the first time Casey has been offered a job at another school. Heck, it happens almost every summer. But he sticks around and is far from shy about the way he feels about the university and community at Oregon State. In a day in age where it seems everybody eventually leaves for perceived “greener pastures” coach Casey seems to think the artificial turf at Coleman Field is the greenest. Now that’s loyalty.

There are so few coaches these days that seem to have an unbreakable bond with their school. I mean just look at Oregon state. Yes, I know some have been fired because they are so inept (once again, looking at you Craig). But most of the half-decent ones that have tasted success seem to think OSU is a stepping stone. Happy go lucky Mike even did it twice and didn’t give so much as an “Aw Shucks” or a “hip hip hooray” on his way out the door. And as much as I like coach Tinkle and the program he is building, he represents the most recent example. I simply can’t fathom why he felt it was acceptable to interview for the Stanford job after just two years with OSU and putting up a 19 win season. I mean don’t get me wrong, thank you for breathing some life in to a program that’s been dormant for 26 years, but sheesh! That’s the thanks the school gets for giving you a shot at coaching in the Pac 12? I’m still a huge Tinkle fan, but I would like a formal apology for even toying with the possibility.

I digress. Basically what I’m trying to say is that coach Casey should be the most beloved coach of any sport by Beaver fans. He gets it. He’s proud of what he’s built in Corvallis and he loves the school and hasn’t forgotten the opportunity he was given all those years ago. Coach Casey summed it up best through a comment to Danny Moran of The Oregonian. “My loyalty speaks for itself.”

And for that, I and all of Beaver Nation say,

God Bless Pat.

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